Jonathan Ross

Jonathan is the creative force behind the AR team, his energy keeps everyone engaged on and off the set. If you see an old guy running around extremely enthuse you have probably found Jonathan. 


Corinne Thrash

Corinne is a hands-on-get-everything-done-multi-hat-wearer. Her ability to keep everything flowing on set and off are a testament to why the AR team is so successful. If you have any questions about our schedule, talent auditions, locations, upcoming shoots or just about anything that has to do with anything, you want to talk to Corinne. 


Amy Andersen-Ross
Operations Manager

Amy Andersen Ross has been managing the operations of AR since it’s inception. If it has anything to do with finance the buck stops here. Amy is available to answer any of the really serious stuff that the rest of really don’t know. 


Peter Hanson
Director Of Photography 

From lens, to light it is Peter’s eye that helps craft the message. Peter’s ability to handle all aspects of film from capture to post production defines the AR team. Director of all things technical and master of the in- house workflow.